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Nutrition and supplement Consultation

Receive a custom  herbal supplement recommendation, as well as, personalized dietary suggestions to help you get to your best health. Kira always takes into consideration your food budget, culinary skill, lifestyle and commitment availability when putting a plan together for you. Together we can address a specific health concern or work towards overall well-being and health.

We can also do a variety of blood based testing to best determine your health needs. Everything from food sensitivity to hormones can be tested with these easy at home kits by Everlywell. See the link to order!

Frequency Healing Session

Think of this as a light essential oil massage meets acupuncture but without the needles! Using special essential oils that calm, relax and restore the body as they are applied down your spine. Followed by a tuning fork treatment that utilizes the acupuncture points to elicit the same amazing results but without the sticks and pokes. You will leave feeling refreshed and balanced in body and soul!

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Healing Modalities

A healing modality is a technique,  device or machine that causes a vibrational or functional  change in the body that ignites a healing response. 

We have several options to best suit your needs. The first is the BEMER. The BEMER is a mat that you lie on that sends a specific frequency and wave through the body. It improves immune function, increases micro circulation and decreases pain (both neuropathy and muscular).

Another option is the Infrared Sauna. This sauna uses a specific type of light wave that cause a deep penetrates more deeply than just warm air to help your body increase circulation and release toxins.

Lastly we offer Healy Frequency Sessions. Just as a tuning fork uses a specific frequency to cause a change in the body and energetic field as Healy does the same. The Healy has a variety of programs that can improve a specific health concern or improve emotional well-being.

All three of these modalities have contraindications with pacemakers, deep brain stimulators and muscle stimulators. Please consult with Kira before booking an appointment.

Accountability and Personal Training

Weekly accountability calls or meetings can be incredibly important when working towards a big goal. Or maybe you just need a workout buddy to  keep you motivated and make it fun. 


The services listed above and more are available to you. Everything can be customized or combined to best suite your current needs while you heal. If you have any questions or would like to set up a free 20 minute consultation please don't hesitate to contact Kira to learn more.

Herbal Treatment
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